Safety helmet identification Safety helmet identification
Safety helmet identification Safety helmet identification
Safety helmet identification Safety helmet identification

About Us

Guangzhou Wumao Safety Technology Co., Ltd., formerly known as Guangzhou Wumao safety labor protection products trading Co., Ltd., was established in 2001. It is a subordinate member of Hong Kong Luda international group. Since entering the domestic market, it has been focusing on providing foreign enterprises with personal protective equipment, fire rescue equipment and trade sales of national security products. At present, its customers mainly include automobiles, pharmaceuticals, energy and food Products and other industries.

In order to adapt to the change of plant safety management environment and the diversification of technical requirements, the company started to upgrade its business and change its name in 2019. In addition to retaining the basic business of PPE, it added the core business of intelligent factory safety behavior supervision based on image recognition technology. The core team members of the company have many years of factory safety services, automation equipment integration and machine vision Software development capability.

Guangzhou Wumao Safety Technology Co., Ltd. is the first service provider in China's ESH field to focus on intelligent supervision of factory safety behaviors. We are committed to becoming the safety guardian of factories. To provide you with personalized identification system, improve the intelligent safety supervision technology level of the factory, and save more safety management costs. I believe that it will bring more practical solutions and comprehensive intelligent security technology services in the future.

Intelligent recognition

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